What is a secret menu? And how to find one?

Secret menu is something that your restaurant won’t show it black and white on the menu card or even advertise on the numerous billboards around the store. These are the food items they don’t even make day in and day out and would not plan in doing so. Then what is so special about the Secret menu? 

As the name suggests, they are hidden food items that you will have to discover by yourself. And if you are in for luck, you would get something delicious and innovative.

One of the biggest challenges with Secret menus is that they do not have a familiarity with most of the restaurant operators, so you might need to explain the recipe and if they can make it, you are good.

Let us see some of the secret menu items in some of the famous restaurants in this article.

Taco Bell:

Taco Bell is known for its Tex-Mex cuisine and a secret menu in this type of cuisine is GOLD, because their food already is wonderful here and any innovation will only encourage you to go for more. For example, The Hulk is a green color filled Burrito, where you fill the Burrito with Guacamole. Then comes the Superman which is basically a Double beef burrito loaded with sour cream, potatoes, guac, cheese and tortilla strips.

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Grilled Ham and Cheese is going to be your daily routine if you know how to order it. Just take your normal Grilled Cheese sandwich and ask them to add Ham to it. There you go. Easy to make, easy on your pockets, and more importantly, satisfies your morning breakfast cravings.


Have you heard about the Land, Sea and Air Burger? Just go to your nearest McD store and order a Big Mac with Beef, Fish and Chicken meats. What?  How is that even possible? It is possible, as long as you can eat up this huge burger. 

Noodles & Company:

With Noodles & Company, it’s not much of a popular one but the thing is when they try out new recipes, they leave it hidden and offer it to those who ask. You can buy a treat if you are looking for new flavors and rest assured, you will be one of the prime customers who have tasted them.

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More restaurants are offering such customizable food items and all you need to do is to ask with a clear explanation of what you want. Enjoy your meals!